Trauma-Informed Crisis Response and De-Escalation

Training Description:

This 30 min training, Trauma-Informed Crisis Response and De-Escalation is designed to offer an understanding of trauma, its impact and how this may contribute to difficult encounters with our clients.  In this training, we will review some basic principles of what trauma is and how it effects the brain. More specifically, how the brain’s arousal system perceives danger or threat when addressing challenging encounters with program staff.  We will explore what and how a trauma related trigger may contribute to challenges in developing a safe and therapeutic relationship with your client.  We will review safe approaches in addressing a client who may be struggling and offer strategies to de-escalate a difficult encounter, manage your reactions and safety, and create an opportunity to provide your client effective coping strategies.

Training Objectives:

After participating in this training participants will be able to:

  1. Describe/review the effects of trauma exposure and related attempts to cope
  2. Describe how to incorporate trauma-informed care and de-escalation skills
  3. Describe several kinds of trauma-sensitive interventions
  4. Identify techniques to manage emotional states and provide the best responses