Technical Assistance on Implementing
Evidence-Based Practices

The BH Clearinghouse has partnered with iSPARC, a part of UMass Chan Medical School, to offer technical assistance to Community Behavioral Health Centers (CBHCs) leaders.

Implementation Drivers Triangle. Left angle (selection, training, coaching) Right angle (Systems intervention, Admin facilitation, data systems) base (leadership) top (fidelity)

The goal of evidence-based practice (EBP) technical assistance (TA) is to support CBHCs in the effective implementation of evidence-based practices by focusing on:

  1. Competency Drivers
    Staff selection, training, and coaching
  2. Organization Drivers
    Systems intervention, administration, and data systems
  3. Leadership
    Technical and adaptive

Learn about Technical Assistance

Watch the videos below for a brief explanation of TA for each of the implementation drivers.

Introduction to Technical Assistance in Evidence-Based Practices
Competency Drivers
Organization Drivers
Leadership Drivers

Request Technical Assistance

Download the Evidence-based Practice Implementation Planning Document to help plan strategies that assure the implementation of EBPs in CBHCs. Review the sections and items to think through coaching and supervision strategies that aid the use of EBPs to fidelity. 

Leadership at each CBHC will be sent this planning document as a survey to complete.  You can request technical assistance from the BH Clearinghouse to implement these strategies through the survey or by sending a request to

UMass Chan Medical School
Implementation Science & Practice Advances Research Center (iSPARC)