Coaching Models

Training for Evidence-Based Practices Delivery
Coaching for EBP Delivery

Based on Leadership Community of Practice, the following resources have been identified to assist in the implementation of evidence-based practices at the CBHCs.

GROW: Goal, Reality, Options, and Way Forward (or Will)


A coaching model developed in England by John Witmore and colleagues in the mid-1980s. GROW was first published in 1992 in Coaching for Performance. GROW has been used in corporate coaching with executives and leaders but GROW can be used in a variety of settings. GROW has formed the basis of other coaching models including CIGAR, CLEAR, and GENIUS.    

Goal: What do you want to achieve?

Reality: What is happening? What is getting in the way?

Options: What are some things that can be done to work towards the goal?

Way Forward or Will: What actions can be taken to move forward?


360 Degree Feedback Tool for Coaches (

FUEL (Frame, Understand, Explore, Layout)

The FUEL coaching model was developed by John Zenger and Kathleen Stinnett. They combined the research on coaching and clinical psychology to create a coaching training guide and companion tools including videos and companion videos worksheets, checklists, and sample questions.


OSKAR (Outcome, Scaling, Know-How, Affirm & Action, Review)


OSKAR originates from the Solutions Focused Approach. OSKAR is a goal-oriented model of coaching that is designed to be empowering and build self-esteem and confidence. OSKAR focuses on solutions (rather than the problems). OSKAR incorporates SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals.


  1. Outcome: Long and medium-term goals and what to achieve.
  2. Scaling: On a scale of 1-10 to understand where things are in relation to current goals.
  3. Know-How: Understand the skills or qualities required and ways to establish resources.
  4. Affirm & Action: Positive reinforcement to guide and understand actions needed
  5. Review: Review the entire process against desired actions. Understand what has improved and what can be changed next.


General Coaching Resources