Brain Injury, Screening and Resources

Training Description:

This training provides an overview of brain injury and a screening tool that BH Clinicians can utilize in their work. The connection between brain injury and behavioral health is becoming more recognized and pertinent in our everyday work. This training looks at the bi-directional relationship between brain injury and behavioral health, high-risk populations, and the importance of screening for brain injury in behavioral health settings. Understand how to identify potential exposures to brain injury and how it can support someone’s ongoing engagement in behavioral health treatments and services.

Online Brain Injury Screening and Support System or OBISSS is a tool that can support providers, agencies, and community champions to identify potential exposures to a brain injury and support someone with potential cognitive impairments. Learn about the basics of brain injury, histories, and populations that could indicate a potential risk for brain injury. A review of valuable accommodations, available state services, and community-based resources to support someone with a potential brain injury are discussed.

Training Objectives:

After participating in this training participants will be able to:

  1. List brain injury risk factors in a person’s history.
  2. Use the OBISSS Tool
  3. Describe valuable accommodations and referrals for someone who screens positive for a possible brain injury

Continuing Education Credits:

Discipline Approval Statement
Licensed Social Worker  
Licensed Psychologist  
MA Licensed Mental Health Counselor  
MA Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor  
MA Registered Nurse  
MA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  
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