Telehealth Best Practices

Training Description:

This 1-hour training describes best practice guidelines for providing client care in a virtual setting. Telehealth has broken many barriers to care and has improved behavioral health access. We as clinicians, can focus on the advances of this health care delivery, if this is the best option for the client. We can work to establish relationships to improve client engagement and trust to better our clinical practice.

Training Objectives:

After participating in this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe ways to ensure HIPAA in a virtual environment. ​
  2. Explain responsibility to state guidelines. ​
  3. Discuss attention to informed consent. ​
  4. Describe client safety planning. ​
  5. Explain the benefits and challenges of virtual care. ​
  6. Demonstrate ways to provide tools and empower client skills with advances in technology