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This area contains resources generated for the Behavioral Health Clearinghouse or identified as relevant and useful for professionals working in behavioral health settings.

HT: Sexual Exploitation and Labor Trafficking

    • This video series focuses on helping foster families create a comfortable, emotionally safe environment for the youth in their home who has experienced sexual exploitation and other trauma. Information provided would also be helpful for those providing behavioral health care to such youth. 
    • This video series was produced with the support of a three-year grant #2019-MU-MU-0033 award by the Office of Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S Department of Justice and the MA Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. The Executive Office of Health and Human Services and the Department of Children and Families partnered with My Life My Choice, a survivor led organization that provides comprehensive and evidence-based programs and trainings to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children.
    • The videos range from 4-14 minutes each with an identical introduction (1:45) that starts off each video. The series provides Spanish subtitles and you have the option of pausing the frame if additional time is needed to read through the text on some of the videos.
    • The trailer serves to introduce the 9-part series.

  • OARS for Motivational Interviewing
    • Reviews OARS; a core motivational interviewing technique that focuses on open questioning, affirming, reflecting, and summarizing.
  • Six Guiding Principles to a Trauma-Informed Crisis Intervention
    • Outlines the six guiding principles to follow when working with someone in crisis. Including ensuring safety, maximizing trust, maximizing choice, ensuring collaboration, maximizing empowerment, and ensuring interactions are culturally responsive, equitable, and acknowledge intersectionality.
  • Solution Focused Crisis Intervention
    • Explains the solution-focused approach to crisis intervention that can be used in time-sensitive, crisis situations. 
  • Workforce Burnout
    • Strategies that administrators and supervisors at Community Behavioral Health Centers can use to support the crisis intervention workforce and reduce burnout.